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This is the site where you can find some ideas for restroom signs / bathroom signs / toilet signs and download the template files to be used as your sign-making models. Some of them can also be applied for fitting rooms, changing rooms, locker rooms, sauna rooms, or any room that need a separation between male and female.

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Huge selection of restroom signs in various categories.

Recently Released :

057 – Twin Balls

057 - Twin Balls

See Template

Twin Balls-restroom sign

At first glance it looks like a big eyed dog staring at you, but of course it is not.

Price : $12


Luke and Leia

Starwars - restroom sign

See Template

Starwars - restroom sign template

A restroom sign featuring Princess Leia and Luke Skywalker from the Starwars movie.

Price : $12

A Couple Of Cups

A Couple of Cups - restroom sign

See Template

A Couple of Cups - restroom sign template

This restroom sign will surely fit in a coffee shop, a tea house, or a restaurant.

Price : $12

050 – Cowboy

Cowboy-restroom sign

See Template

Cowboy-restroom sign template

A restroom sign featuring the icons of a cowboy and a cowgirl. Suitable for a country house,  community center, bar, restaurant. etc.

Price : $12

049 – Stick and Hole

Stick & Hole - restroom sign

See Template

Stick & Hole - restroom sign template

A restroom sign featuring simple “i” figures , one with stick as the male and the other one with hole as the female sign.

Price : $12

048 – Swimsuits 2

Swimsuits - change room sign

See Template

Swimsuits - change room sign

Icon of a couple in swimsuits,fit for bathroom sign, shower room sign, locker sign or changing room sign..

Price : $12

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